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Shipping Information

  • All returns must be done in-person at the Bookstore, even if you ordered online. If for some reason you cannot come to the Bookstore and you decide to ship your items back, you are responsible for all items and shipping costs.
  • Please see our Return Policy for any return or exchange.
  • All rentals must be back to the Bookstore by the return deadline, or you will be charged the entire retail price of a new book, even if you ordered it online.

Shipping Costs

Please be aware that the shipping cost shown when your order is placed is only an estimation, and this cost may change when your order is processed due to various factors (weight of your order, number of boxes shipped, etc.).
Shipping costs will not be refunded if we receive a request to change the shipping method from UPS/USPS to in-store pickup after an order has been processed.

International Shipping

We do ship internationally. However, the full shipping charge must be paid for by the customer. Shipping promotions are NOT permitted on international shipping.

APO Shipping
All shipping costs on APO orders have to be paid for by the customer. APO orders cannot ship via UPS, and therefore all shipping charges have to paid for by the customer. The "Free Shipping" promo is not valid on any APO order.

Days for Delivery
The map below shows the estimated days an order will take to reach its destination once it is shipped from the ICC Bookstore. Please allow 3 business days for your order to be processed before it can be shipped. All orders are shipped using either UPS or USPS.
Estimated Days for Delivery