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How To Create a Bookstore Account

    1. Home Page:

    1. On the Bookstore website in the top right corner, click on "Sign In" where it says "You are not signed in."

    Sign In

    2. Returning Customers Page:

    1. If you do not have a Bookstore account, click the "Create an account".

    3. Create An Account:

    1. Enter your email address and password.
    2. Email address will need to end in @lab.icc.edu.
    3. This does NOT have to be a legitimate ICC email. If a parent is ordering gifts for a student, they can create any email that ends in @lab.icc.edu. Once the account is created, they will need to change this email to any legitimate email of their preference. This will be explained further in Step 4.

      Account Information

    4. Enter Shipping Information.

      Shipping Information

    5. Enter Billing Information. If billing information is the same as shipping, click the “Same as shipping address” button to fill this out for you.

      Billing Information

    6. Click “Create My Account.” This will take you to a page stating your account has been created. Here, you can click “Continue” to see your account information.

    4. OPTIONAL – Editing Account Information:

    1. For customers who did not use a legitimate @lab.icc.edu email, they will be able to change it here.
    2. Under Account Info, click “edit” next to the email address.

      Change Email

    3. This will take you to “Change Email Address.” Enter the email address you prefer to use for your Bookstore account and confirm your password. Click "Save Changes.”

      Change Email

    4. This will now be the email the customer will use to log into their account. Any online order confirmations and Digital E-texts will also be sent to this email.

    Click Here for FAQ & Troubleshooting.