Why do you need the book orders so far in advance?

The wholesalers (used book companies) have a limited supply of used books. The wholesalers distribute their used books on a first come, first serve basis, so the sooner your orders are received, the better chance we will have of getting used books for your course. Used books can save the students up to 25%. By buying used books, we are trying to keep textbook costs as low as possible for the students.

Also, by receiving requisitions on time, we can add books to our buyback list which allows students to save money because they'll be able to buy used books. If we do not have a requisition by the time we start buyback, we do not buy the books back and usually end up ordering more new books, or used books from another company, which costs the students more.

You will need a log-in name and password. Please check with your dean to find out the Textbook Requisition process specific to your department.  If you are required to submit requisitions your dean will request your account to be set up, and you will receive login information from the Textbook Coordinator.  If you have any questions, please call or email Lee Ann Potts at (309)694-8484 or lpotts@icc.edu.

To submit your textbook adoptions, please click the following button to visit our Faculty Requisitions site.

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