Daily In-Store & Online Buyback:

The Daily In-Store Buyback & Online Buyback is available all year, except two weeks prior to buyback and the week of the Bookstore's buyback that takes place during the week of finals.

To sell your books using the Daily In-Store Buyback, just bring your books to the textbook counter in the bookstore, located at the East Peoria Campus. Inform the bookstore staff that you would like to sell your books back to Nebraska Book Company. They will then look up the prices, buy your books back, then ship them to NBC.

To sell your books using the Online Buyback, you can access the database by clicking the link below. Then you will follow the instructions on the those pages. You are responsible for finding your books, completing the process, and shipping the books to Nebraska Book Company.



(You can get one at the Customer Service desk at East Peoria Campus Bookstore, or in the Libraries at all ICC campuses.)

The End-of-Semester Buyback takes place during the week of finals, each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer).

Bring your  ICC STUDENT ID and your books to the Bookstore window located in the cafeteria on the East Peoria campus. Buyback is also available at the bookstore at Arbor Hall at the Peoria Campus. During this Buyback, both the Bookstore and Nebraska Book Company will be buying books back. This buyback method gives you a greater chance of selling your books back and to receive more money.

Please visit the BUYBACK F.A.Q. page for more information.